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Purple Poodle Pet Bows!

This is the
Home of the original

"Poof Bow"

My name is Deanne Morris.
I have been grooming for over 30 years.
I was getting tired of putting pretty bows on a freshly coiffed dog,

only to have the bows turn crooked!
So, I came up with a bow that is never upside down!

The Poof Bow!

It is a small bit of ribbon,
about 1 1/2" in diameter for the small,
and 2 1/2" for the large ones,
with something special in the center.

Each bow has a strong latex band for easy placement on the dog,
either in the ear hair or on the collar.

They can also be used as topknot bows!

I am always on the lookout for new centers to go in my bows,
so if you are looking for something in particular don't hesitate to ask.
I may already have it in hand!

I also make Rhinestone Collars, Topknot Trinkets and more!

And you never know what I may come up with next!

Thanks for visiting and be sure to check back often!

Here are some of the different ways you can use Purple Poodle Bows!



Ear bows

on a pom!

Earring bows

on a poodle!

Purple Poodle Pet Bows

You can even

use them on



Dog Hair Bows